What is BeerCraftr?

BeerCraftr is a place where anyone who has ever thought of brewing beer but didn’t know where to start, could, well, start! If you were like me, I put off my interest in making beer for a long time because it sounded so damn intimidating. It would require a huge investment in equipment; I’d need a lot of space, and there was probably no chance in hell I’d ever make a good beer. I was wrong, on all fronts! If you have a kitchen, a stock pot, and some basic equipment, you can get brewing this weekend. I wish I knew how easy it was, and that I could make good beer without sacrificing on ingredients or flavour. My mission is to help you discover how easy it is too.

Who is Behind BeerCraftr?

Me and my boys.
Me and my boys.

Hi, I’m Joseph. I’m a 30-something Torontonian who spends his days running public affairs campaigns for Canada’s best private sector campaign team. I’m married to an amazing wife, and together, we have three beautiful kids.  But for more than a decade, I’ve also been an obsessed home cook with a longing to start a brewery when I’m ready to try something new for a living. Seven years ago, I took one more step towards that dream by seeing if the art of brewing was a legitimate interest. It was. And as time goes on, brewing has become an even bigger obsession. I’ve been learning a lot along the way, and I want to build a community for aspiring home brewers with approachable, easy-going content that inspires everyone to start making their own amazing beer. That’s why I created BeerCraftr.

Who is BeerCraftr For?

BeerCraftr is for anyone who loves beer and wants to learn how to make amazing craft beer it in the comfort of their kitchen. If you’re a seasoned brewer, please join us in the comment threads and contribute to the discussion. For now—and for a while—BeerCraftr will be developing content for people who have never brewed before, or are just starting out. BeerCraftr is all about introducing people to the joy and art of making craft beer at home.

I want to start brewing. What do I do?

You’ve come to the right place. BeerCraftr offers the Ultimate Guide to Small-Batch Brewing. By the time you finish, you’ll be ready to brew your first batch of beer!