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Latest Recipes

  • Fifty-Fifty New England IPA

    Fifty-Fifty New England IPA

    The first NEIPA I brewed and shared on BeerCraftr is admittedly complicated. As I have experimented with this beer style, I have sought to make it easier to brew. Here I cut out the whirlpool step altogether and simplified the dry hop schedule. And to make things even simpler, I cut down the mash and boil times in half (50/50!), inspired by the short and shoddy methods of the brülosophy team. It worked well. In the end, the beer tasted as good—if not better—than my original recipe, with half the hassle.

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  • American Pale Ale II

    American Pale Ale II

    In the vein of simplifying an already tasty recipe, I tweaked my original APA recipe by reducing the grain bill to two grains, swapping out Amarillo for Perle, adjusting the hop schedule, and trying a different yeast strain. The changes were worth it—this version is superior to the original. It has become my new go-to APA recipe, so I thought I’d offer it here for your consideration. As a fun experiment, brew the two APA recipes back-to-back and compare. One can never have too many APAs in the house!

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  • San Diego Lager

    San Diego Lager

    If you take a second look at the Uncommon Lager recipe, you’ll notice it shares the same grain bill as this recipe. It also shares an identical fermentation profile, having fermented warm (for a lager) at 18ºC for two weeks. Here I’ve simplified the hops to a simple boil addition, and have swapped in a different yeast. The changes are subtle, but noticeable if you have the two beers side-by-side.

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Latest Tutorials

  • Make an amazing New England IPA

    Make an amazing New England IPA

    Hazy, Juicy, New England IPAs have been the most popular beers on many a craft brewery’s taproom in the last three years. Other than one notable holdout, just about every microbrewery in my neck of the woods has at least once NEIPA on the menu. And that’s no surprise—the style is very approachable for longtime craft beer lovers and newbies alike.

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  • Tips for Bottle-Conditioning New England IPA

    Tips for Bottle-Conditioning New England IPA

    It would appear that time is our worst enemy when it comes to conditioning this beer. We need to drink it very quickly after bottling it if we want to avoid the purple/grey haze. If you’re going to brew this style, apply what I have learned through trial and error with these four simple tips.

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  • Brewing with Fruits and Spices

    Brewing with Fruits and Spices

    Adding fruit beers to your arsenal at home often takes trial and error if you’re building a recipe from scratch. However, when used well, they can elevate your beer to a whole new level. I’m here to help you step it up a notch with this detailed tutorial on how to use fruit and spices when brewing beer.

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