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  • Dortmunder


    This lager is such a treat, especially if you love malty cereal flavours in your beer. Since first brewing this recipe, I’ve been coming back to it at least twice per year. It sports a gorgeous clear colour, a big head that lingers for quite some time and is a delicious exploration of malty/cereal flavours. Slightly maltier and a deeper gold than the Pilsners the Dortmunder was a lager made for 19th century German industrial workers. Naturally, this one tastes very good after a hard day’s work.

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  • Kölsch-Style Ale

    Kölsch-Style Ale

    If you’re looking to start brewing lagers, a Kölsch serves as a bridge between ales and lagers. The style is a lagered ale, so you don’t need to ferment at lager temperatures. But you need to store it at cold temperatures once your bottles are carbonated. The longer, the better. If you can try to go six weeks in the fridge before cracking open, you’ll get rewarded with an incredibly crisp and delicious beer with beautiful clarity.

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  • Fifty-Fifty New England IPA

    Fifty-Fifty New England IPA

    The first NEIPA I brewed and shared on BeerCraftr is admittedly complicated. As I have experimented with this beer style, I have sought to make it easier to brew. Here I cut out the whirlpool step altogether and simplified the dry hop schedule. And to make things even simpler, I cut down the mash and boil times in half (50/50!), inspired by the short and shoddy methods of the brülosophy team. It worked well. In the end, the beer tasted as good—if not better—than my original recipe, with half the hassle.

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